Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate Revolution

We have over 15 year exprience in business consultting arena in Real Estate. We have a dedicated experienced team to integrate the blockchain services to Real Estate.

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We aim to cover the globe with DAPP in Real Estate Markets

Every client around the globe needs to aproach authentication and sercuity in payments and dealings. We want to use DAPP for the purpose.

DAPP will give the user, a flexibility of selection of payment methods and also the authentication of the deal by third party as escrow. The dealings can be as transparent as one might think.

Take Part in Decentralization
* Already serving up to 5236+ clients.
* Already serving up to 5236+ clients.

We deal every client with extra care as customer need.

In Real Estate dealing, we take much care of our clients, so we need to give them a completely free hand and freedom and security in their transactions using blockchain.

Real Estate Decentralized app and BTCEX Wallet services will give you a freedom of what you like to have in Real Estate Dealings.

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We Love Transparency, Authentication and Security.

We are equipped with high-class tools to deal with transparency, authentication and user security. We aim to be more safe, transparent and authenticated in transations and dealings.

while dealing with DAPP, you will observe high standards of authenticity and transparency. We are fully decentralized.

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BTCEX - Crypto Debit Card

To make the transaction very easy and secure, we aim to deliver a debit card to our client. BTCEX Debit card will give you a lot of ease for payment across the globe.

BTCEX Debit card is a sign of security, flexibility and credibility in the real estate. We are the first utility token, giving you the debit card for easy transactions.

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Blockchain are working great in the transparency, Lets see how a blockchain is working in DAPP.

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Here is the list of ICO Listings, We are trusted.

Our Core Services

There is a huge list of services we offer. Here are a few to tell you what we do in a nutshell.

Smart Trading Modules

In our simple app, you will be able to buy, sell, exchange BTCEX to Bitcoins and other cryptos

Adaptive Social Assistant

We have full social list of active pages, We are available for any query on the fastest approaching social media apps.

Transfer of BTCEX across Friend

Sending BTCEX to friends is more than easier, You can send as many tokens to your friends and family or any person across the globe.

Exchange Order Management

We offer exchange of BTCEX with BTC any time with a single click and amazingly free of cost.

Module of Price Notification

Prices are attached to the demand and supply formula, if the demands goes higher the prices too go higher.

Crypto Trading Platform

In our simpple app on smartphones both on the Android and iOs, we offer full set of tools same as webs.

Our Roadmap

We aim to follow our roadmap to ensure the milestones.

Our Wallet Application

We aim to release Android and iOS apps very soon from the start. A big Achievement

Powerfull Mobile and Online App

Powerfull apps will give you flexibility of doing all tasks online with a single click on your smartphones and web apps.

Brings more Transparency and Speed

When it comes to transparency and speed, the smartphones don't have any match, Our apps will provide a quick grasp of all the tools.

Special for Multiple Use Capabilities

Handling all your BTCEX, buying, selling, exchanging with btc, and transferring from one wallet to other was not easier than it is here on BTCEX apps.



Total Number of Entries = 1000

First 1000 participants will get 1000 BTCEX

To participate, kindly send your erc20 wallet address to [email protected]

You are required to transfer your 1000 BTCEX to 10 different wallets

After successful transfer to 10 wallets, kindly apply for the step 2.

Total Number of Enteries = 100

First 100 participants will get 10000 BTCEX

To participate, kindly send your erc20 wallet address to [email protected]

You are required to transfer your 10000 BTCEX to 100 different wallets

After successful transfer to 100 wallets, kindly apply for the step 3.

Total Number of Enteries = 10

First 10 participants will get 100000 BTCEX

To participate, kindly send your erc20 wallet address to [email protected]

You are required to transfer your 100000 BTCEX to 1000 different wallets

After successful transfer to 1000 wallets, kindly claim your reward.



To claim the final reward, Kindly send your erc20 wallet address to [email protected]

In case of any issue or further clarification, Kindly contact at [email protected]

Rewards are subjected to terms and conditions, A team will verify each and every transaction to verify the validity of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the set of some common questions about Bitcoin Executives. If you need more deep concerns, please contact at [email protected]

What are the objectives of BTCEX?

Objective of BTCEX is a DAPP in Blockchain Technology, which can ease the dealings and concerns in the real estate marketplace around the globe.

What is Token Sale and pre-sale?

Token Sale is going to start for all people from all over the globe, Pre-sale is for friends and investors around the globe who wanted to take the edge of the initial rates in the start.

What is the pre-sale start date?

Pre-Sale is going to start from June 10th, 2018

how may I take part in pre-sale?

You need to invest 100$ to participate in the Pre-Sale, You can contact us at [email protected] for the direct payments in USD or any other currency or apply from the Token Sale Platform here

ICO Crowd-Sale FAQ Questions

Here are some common questions about the main crowdsale event. For more information, you can contact us at [email protected]

What is the date of crowsale?

Main Crowd-Sale is going to start on July 1st, 2018

What is the percentage of crowdsales to the total supply?

Over 60% tokens will be sold to the general public by main crowdsales starting from July 1st, 2018.

What is the minimum purchase at crowdsale event?

There is NO Minimum Purchase at crowdsale stages. You can buy any amount you need to participate in our project.

how may I take part in crowdsale event?

If you need to invest more than 5000$ to participate in the crowdsale, You can contact us at [email protected] for the direct payments in USD or any other currency or virtual cryptocurrency. You can participate with any amount in Token Sale Platform here

BTCEX Distribution

Here is the information about how will be the distribution of the BTCEX tokens and also the ico proceeds.

Token Allocation

More Token Info

Total Maximum Supply will be 1(ONE) Billion BTCEX
Remaining Tokens at the end of ICO will be burnt
BTCEX will be backed by DAPP for Real Estate
Coin will be distributed at the end of every period

BTCEX is controlled by quality team ensuring you get the high quality project at the end.


BTCEX is the first utility token in Real Estate Marketplace backed by DAPP in Blockchain Technology.


We are using top class security measures making you tension free for your transactions. We don't store your balances in backend, which make us safe from hacking.

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